Wild Thornberrys Season One Review


I am so excited Shout! has been able to get license to distribute some the best Nick cartoons from the 1990’s. The Wild Thornberrys aired for the first time on September 1 1998. It was my 17th birthday. It came on after school my brothers and I cracked up. I remember thinking Eliza looked an awful lot like Pipi Longstocking.

Soon my brothers and I were figuring out what adventures Eliza Thornberry (Lacey Chabert, Party of Five) and her family were taking us on. They get in the  Commvee and try to find rare animals to film. Eliza the main character has the ability to speak to animals. She acquired this power after a meeting with an African Shaman. Her best friend is Darwin (Tom Kane) the families chimp and together they solve the families problems.

The rest of the family includes:

Debbie (Danielle Harris) who is 16 years of age and longs for a normal family life in suburbia. She dresses with a grunge style and loves everything music and fashion. She learns of her sisters gift in the Wild Thornberry Movie.

Sir. Nigel Archibald Thornberry (Tim Curry) Travels the world and films the rare animals for his documentarys. He turned down a professorship with Oxford University. He always has a sunny  disposition. Nothing bothers him.

Marianne Hunter Thornberry, Lady Thornberry (Jodi Carlises) She is the voice of reason with in the family. She also films and edits the documentary. She does get annoyed with Nigel and is the one to do the disciplining in the series. She is very much your everyday mom.

Donald “Donnie” Michael Thornberry(Flea, red hot chili peppers) was a raised by Orangutans. His birth parents were killed by poachers. He babbles and occasionally will say something in English. He makes animal noises but nothing Eliza can incorporate. He is forever finding a bug to eat.

We sat down as a family and watched the season. Since it was a rainy day and nothing else to do. I re fell in love with it. My children have found a new favorite. I have spent time on youtube trying to find more for them. Since we are not in the states we don’t get many American shows.  Your kids will love this show while learning fun facts and information. Laughs to be had by all.

You can buy the season one today for a suggested retail price of  $29.93. It is  worth every penny.

The release of this DVD is part of Nickelodeon’s commitment to bring back classic shows. I can’t be more excited. I have a list a mile long of shows that I would like to see them bring back.  They will launch a night time program block this fall on TeenNick called “The 90’s are all that”. So wishing we were back in the states for this!

You can purchase at the shout factory and I love this site. Really you need to run out and buy this for family movie night. It is an instant hit with the family.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a review copy by Shout! at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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