Are You Traditional Or Not?

I was chatting with a group of girlfriends the other night during a girls night. We were discussing whether or not you viewed yourself as traditional or non traditional.

I think I am a good blend of both. I have deep tradition in somethings and some I am a whatever.

For me Holidays are important to be spent with family.I want my kids to remember happy family gatherings and having the memories that I cherish. I want them to have the same experience or better. I love my holiday memories and I look forward to the next years making of them. We also have a firm belief that our children need to know their heritage. It is nothing for us to whip a traditional Italian dish or Irish meal. They also love the Italian and Irish music as well. I am also very traditional in the man works and the women takes care of the kids and house. Does this mean I don’t work? Nope I do it all from home so I am here for my kids and no one else is raising them. It works for us but not others.

I become non traditional surrounding marriage. I don’t believe that you have to be married in a church. That you have live separately before marriage. My husband didn’t ask for my hand in marriage. I am glad that I didn’t do the more traditional route. Paul and I lived together before marriage. I knew exactly what I was agreeing to when I said I do. I knew I was getting a man who couldn’t step the extra foot to put his clothes in the hamper. Who was picky about his meals and drinks. I also knew I was getting a person who slept with his head in one corner and feet in the other which allowed me a 6×6 inch space on the bed. He knew he was getting someone who was a planner and an organizer. Who could melt quickly and quick temper.  I have watched my best friends marriage dissolve pretty quickly. She chose the more traditional route. She told me next time she is going my route. Not saying it is the right way.

What was great was that were all able to discuss our views whether we agreed or not. I found most of us had the same thoughts. It was very few things we didn’t agree on. One being a stay at home mom. One girl thought it was just controlling until I opened her eyes at the cost of daycare and the fact that I can do everything from home in my Jammie’s.  It was just nice to chat and have wine.  The boys spent time upstairs playing and then settled in for the night. They actually listened and made it look like I knew what I was doing.

So how do you see yourself? Traditional, Non tradtional or a good mix?


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    I’m def. a good mix…i’m all over the place:)

    so the google reader def. doesn’t work…it pops up 5 months ago (heart broken) is the last post you did….maybe it has something to do with your layout or whatever but i put you on my sidebar so hopefully it will pop up in the blog list….have a nice day hun!:)
    Vic´s last blog post ..A Moment

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