Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo


We attended The Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo. It was amazing. This too is a professional rodeo. It is located in Abilene Kanas. It is about 30 minutes from Fort Riley. We loved this one. There was all kinds of vendors from farm equipment to wood carvers. So many talented people. We also saw the 4h animals. All were so pretty and well kept. They have had ... Read More →

Kaw Valley Rodeo


This was our first professional rodeo. We had so much fun. What we didn't realize was the huge carnival going on next to it. The ticket prices were insane. Also the price for the rodeo was a bit much considering the others around the area that are professional as well are 10.00. Just wanted to give a fair warning for those wanting to go next year. ... Read More →

Happy 12th Birthday Blake


I can't believe you are 12 already. Time has gone way to fast little man. I remember laying in the hospital bed after having you. Your dad sleeping on the couch next to the bed and being in awe that we had created something so perfect. You are every bit of your dad. You look just like him as a kid. You have his sense of humor and love of sports. ... Read More →

EFMP Rodeo


We attended the Efmp rodeo again this year. For those who don't know what EFMP is, It means Exceptional Family Member Program. So when the Army places a family it makes sure they can handle your medical needs. At Fort Riley they offer a few programs a year that are a total blast. For us one is the Rodeo. This was Paul's first year. As he was ... Read More →

Counting Your Blessings

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Each day I wake up. I grab my cup of coffee and roll through my Facebook stream. Each morning I see people posting this is racist, this is offensive, and the complaint list rolls on. Yet the thing that gets me is that the people complaining are not doing anything to promote change. It is constant negativity. Am I guilty of complaining? Of course! I ... Read More →

All Creatures Big and Small Review

We got to review All Creatures Big and Small. This movie tells the tale of Noah's Ark. A new species of Nestrians have been left off the list. They are led by Dave and his son Finny. They come up with disguises to sneak on the boat. In the excitement of doing so Finny accidentally steps off the boat and is left behind. Finny meets some new friends ... Read More →

Family Fun weekend


This weekend we shared with Paul and The Tinkey family the joys of the Peterson Farm Bros. You know them from their viral farming videos such as I'm Farming and I Know It, Farmers Style and their newest video Takin Care of Livestock. They are a wealth of knowledge. When you go out to the farm you go to their grandparents house both whom have ... Read More →

cloudpets Review


I have had the opportunity to review Cloudpets. Let me tell you these little guys are awesome. With my husband being military and gone often he can send each child message. This product is amazing. I have been sharing with all our military friends. I wish we had this during deployment but facing separation again due to the military we now have ... Read More →

Lessons Learned in Marriage

Paul and I attended his Military Ball earlier this month. We were the oldest people at the table. When did that happen? We were surrounded by 18-20 year olds. All of whom asked how long we had been married and a few jaws dropped when I said  how long. They all joked how do you survive it with him? My response wine lots of wine. In honesty it is not ... Read More →

13 years later


13 years ago we woke up and got ready for one of the biggest days of our lives. We were getting married. So many betting against us. Oh it won't last a year or I give you 2 years tops. We went to the park. We waited for the JP to arrive. We also waited for the rest of the family to arrive. We walked that park and talked about our hopes and our ... Read More →

The Sassy Pecan


I happened to be looking at Facebook one day and saw an ad for The Sassy Pecan. It is a family owned pecan candy operation. Let me tell you they are delish. As I have been talking with the owner we have found we have a few things in common. One being the love of the military. We both have loved ones serving. If you know anyone from the south ... Read More →